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Writing Services Offered

Poetry in Motion is a writing movement.  It is a forward thinking company that uses words to create a better universe.
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General Consultations:


If you have an idea about a book, blog, article, or any other writing project and need help getting started but don’t know what to do, Poetry in Motion will be happy to assist you. We will hold brainstorming sessions with you. We will outline your project, help with structuring, and provide general direction.


Ghost Writing:

Poetry in Motion will provide an in-depth interview with the writer to get the direction of the project and gain valuable insight. We will decide on the direction of the project including, format and tone.

Services include:

  • Interview/information session

  • Direction and outline of the project

  • First draft

  • Feedback session & revision of the initial draft

  • Final project submission


Other Writing Services:

  • Content Writing for your website/blog/other

  • Review your novel to enhance and add creativity

  • Develop Concepts

  • Teach Sessions: How to write a sound story/Thought process to create a novel

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