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Publishing Services Offered

Poetry in Motion is a writing movement.  It is a forward thinking company that uses words to create a better universe.
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Online Course:

So, You Finished your Masterpiece – Now What? A Course on Self-publishing on a Budget


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Do it yourself package:


  • Receive an outline of your project

  • Instructions on how to set up your social media platforms

  • Explanation of publishing options

  • Instructions on how to upload projects for self-publishing

  • Brief marketing outline

  • A brief explanation of branding


Self-Publishing – Coaching package:


  • Set up your website

  • Set up your social medial platforms

  • Assist with refining your brand

  • Find and/or connect you with editors for your projects

  • Find and/or connect you with graphic artists – help with book covers/logos

  • Set up marketing options

  • Help decide which publishing platform best for you

  • Upload your project to chosen publishing avenue

  • Assist with creating your logos

  • Assist with gathering emails for marketing your book.


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