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3 Reasons Why You Need A Coach


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When did therapy and getting help become shunned in the African American community? Everyone’s heard this saying growing up: “Don’t air your dirty laundry in public.” We were prohibited from talking about what was going on in our households, even if it hurt us. This mindset translated into not getting the mental help or coaching we desperately needed, especially in business coaching, mental health coaching, and self-development.

As I walk out this journey of self-discovery, I’ve been connecting with women who are adamant about coaching and getting someone to help them navigate life. For example, when I started developing my writing and figuring out what exactly I wanted to do with it, I was at a workshop with writers. Each panelist stated that she had at least four couches to help them with the complexities of being successful writers and controlling their mental stability. That changed my perspective on getting help. It led me to believe that it not only takes a village to raise a child, but it takes a village to maintain healthy well-being as an adult.

You should consider getting coaching if you are at a crossroads in your life and don’t know which direction to go. A coach will help you determine what’s important to you. The coach will then help you develop a plan to achieve your goals.

A second reason for hiring a coach is to help you deconstruct what happened to you in the past so you can move forward in your life. Again, this may be a role for a therapist. When you know the how’s and the why’s of what happened to you in the past, it will enable you to reconstruct your life and allowing you to achieve higher heights in your present life. Understanding your past will prevent you from repeating self-destructing patterns.

Finally, a coach will allow you a safe space to explore your deepest desires with no judgment. A lot of us grew up in families that had our prescription for success already prescribed. For example, going to college, get an excellent job at a reputable company, stay 50 years, and then retire. This may not be the best prescription for you or your life. You may be an explorer and want to travel the world and discover new things; however, your family norms may prevent you from doing so. Your coach can help you identify what’s holding you back and make a plan that feels safe for you to move forward. Or you may be having an issue with your boss at work, and you are first-generation out of college, so you don’t have anyone in your family that can talk you through how to handle that boss and get promoted. Your coach can help you with your unique situations.

I have several great coaches that I have been plugging into. Coach Abiola Abrams of Womanifesting,, is an empowerment coach who will help you unleash the Goddess within, allowing you to live the life you were divinely created to live.

Kadidja Yansane of Bloom into You,, is a coach for coaches. She will guide you into raising your deserve level, allowing you to charge the appropriate rates for your coaching business or businesses in general.

May Sapp of Unity Coaching Services is a business coach with services designed to personalize your success plan, whether it’s to promote yourself to C-Suite positions or succeed on your terms.

Janice Brantle (Me), of Poetry in Motion II,, will assist you in taking your writing, whether it’s content for your website, a memoir, or a work of fiction, to the next level. She will also assist you in self-publishing your work.

Coaching and therapy are not taboo anymore. You are worth the investment. Get the help that you need so you can thrive and live your best life.

Until we meet again, enjoy the journey!

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