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3 Things to Keep Your Emotions in Check During COVID So You Can Write

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There is so much going in the world today. Covid-19 took so many people by surprise. We now have to social distance, wash our hands often, and stay at home. With staying at home, you would think that's the perfect ideal for writers. We need to be at home with our butts in our seats writing.

Well, for some of us, that's not the case. We are worried about the economy. We worry about what will happen next if we get sick. We worry if our country will ever be the same again. All of which prohibits us from writing.

So, when I get all in my head, and my writer's mind starts to meander to other things, I do the following to get me back on track:

1. I stop, turn everything off, and still my mind. Some people call it meditation, but not necessarily. Just get still and regroup. It will do wonders.

2. Breath. Just take a few deep cleansing breaths. This will slow the racing in your mind and re-energize you.

3. If all else fails, go for a walk or get in your garden. I find plugging into nature seems to ground me and allow me to think peaceful thoughts.

I hope these simple ideas will help you contain your thoughts so you can get back to writing your masterpiece!

Until next time – Enjoy the journey!

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