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5 Reasons Why You Need Foundation


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5 Reasons Why You Need Foundation

Which team do you belong to? Team, I don’t wear or need foundation, or team, I can’t live without my foundation? What is foundation anyway? Foundation is skin-colored makeup used as a building block for the rest of your makeup. It creates a foundation for a beautiful look. Think about a home or a building. Would you go inside these structures if they didn’t have a foundation or if the foundation is shaky?

Today’s foundation formulas come in many shades and formulas. There’s liquid powder, cream, and stick foundations. Today, most foundations contain SPF to protect you from damaging UVA and UVB sun rays. In addition, there’s full coverage, light coverage, corrector, and no smudge foundations. There’s something for everyone.

The top 5 reasons you should wear foundation daily are:

  1. Foundation protects your skin from daily aggressors

  2. Foundation evens out your skin tone

  3. It helps you look younger

  4. Foundation reduces the fine lines and wrinkles

  5. Boots your self-confidence making you feel your best

I used to think that people told stories when they said that people are more accommodating to you when you wear makeup; until I tested it. Every time my face is fabulously beat, the store clerks are friendlier, people around me are more pleasant, and I get a prospective suitor following me around asking for my phone number!

So now which team are you, team I don’t wear foundation or team I can’t live without my foundation?

This week try going out with a flawless face and watch people’s reactions! Then, don’t forget to come back and leave a comment on how it made a difference!

Until we meet back here again, y’all stay flawless and fabulous!

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