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8 Steps to Overcome Your Fear and Write that Novel

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Because every rant, rave, or whine goes down better with a great glass of wine!!

If I had a dime for everyone that has told me they wished they could write a book but didn't have what it takes or felt they weren't good enough to write one, I'd be rich!! Or, I've had people tell me their book isn't original, no one would read the book, so they didn't even try. In, general they fear the unknown about writing and the writing process.

Y'all the fear is real. I'm here to tell you that, yes, I've had that same fear. I unequivocally understand. But, I say, feel the fear and do it anyway. If that doesn't help get a coach, yeah like me. But in all seriousness, the following are 8 steps to overcome your fear of writing.

As an Indie Author Coach, where I help writers get their work out into the world. I've seen various stages of this fear. Fear is natural after all your book is your baby. Here's Janice's sure-fire way to overcome your fear and write that prize-winning novel!

1. Take a deep breath and thank your creator for giving you your distinct voice.

2. Write down your why – why is this story relevant to you?

3. Determine who this story is for.

4. Journal – If you are feeling anxious, write out why.

5. Go back and read some of your favorite authors not for the story but for technique - how they put the book together, plot, character development, and flow.

6. If your book isn't finished – start writing your story/characters will lead you.

7. Do a little bit of research on how to write a book.

8. Get a coach – You can always hire me – I promise I would take your hand and walk you step by step through the process!

(Unofficial step – Drink lots of wine)

Your voice is essential. You have the right to have it heard. You never know, your words may be what someone else needs to overcome adversity. You can do it!

Until next time – Enjoy the journey!

Please contact me at if you are interested in going on the writing retreat with me or looking to enroll in the Novel Finishing School course.

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