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Because every rant, rave or whine goes down better with a great glass of wine!!


The build-up, the anticipation, the buzz surrounding this movie got me juiced! I actually went to the movie theater to see it. Every commercial, every clip built excited anticipation for Jordan Peele’s sophomore movie US. Now if you know me, you know I don’t do scary movies! However, the film got great reviews, and everyone was talking about it, so I got curious. I bit the bullet and decided to go and besides, the movie was written and produced by a brother, so I wanted to show my support.

I sat in the theater jacket in hand ready to cover my eyes. The opening scenes were, well creepy. You know like eerily creepy. Like the Shinning and Jack Nicholson creepy. Then the opening credits roll, and all you see is a plethora of bunny rabbits. Yes, bunny rabbits in a horror film. I still don’t know what the hell those bunny rabbits had to do with the movie but let’s carry on.

Because I don’t do scary movies, I suggested we go to a theater that served alcohol. You, know, I needed some liquid courage. The next few scenes were normal. We saw a black family going on a beach vacation in Santa Cruz. Nothing out of the ordinary. Cool. I was ok.

Then the movie took a crazy twist. The symbolism was flashing fast. The characters were interacting and then all of a sudden we see this family of four standing in the main characters driveway. That’s when the move for took a hard left turn!

Now, I’m not going to spill any secrets about the movie, but I will tell you my opinion. This movie was more of a comedy than a horror film. I did more laughing than cowering with fear. Hey, wait maybe it was the alcohol. Nah, this movie was dumb! I didn’t get it. In a sense, I understand what he was trying to say with his overall theme as writer/reviewer Aja Romano of Vox, stated in her take about the movie. She said US represents the forgotten, the underprivileged, and the disenfranchised people of America who have been consistently overlooked throughout history. And yeah, to some extent I could kind of see that theme throughout the movie, but the bottom line was this move was just plain weird.

And did I mention I still don’t know what the hell those bunnies represented? Keep your money, break your firestick and see it that way. Sorry Jordan, this movie was a no go for me!

Until next time, enjoy the journey!

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