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Angry Black Woman!

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Angry Black Woman!

Last week we discussed the different stereotypes attributed to the black woman. Those stereotypes were the strong black woman, the angry black woman or the Jezebel/video vixen. I want to focus on the angry black woman this week because I have been labeled as one at one point or another. I’ve even had a manager ask me in an interview how I handled conflict and if I was in so many terms an angry black woman. This, unfortunately, is the norm in corporate America. I’m sure you have your angry black women stories as well.

Have you ever asked yourself what is explicitly an angry black woman? I have, however, the technical definition is:

“The stereotype characterizes these women as aggressive, ill-tempered, illogical, overbearing, hostile, and ignorant without provocation.” (Ashley W., 2014)

Loud, aggressive ill-tempered, illogical overbearing, hostile and ignorant. This description doesn’t show Black women in a positive light. And this is how the world sees them. Now couple that with the other stereotypes of Black women being seen as physically and muscularly strong, capable of carrying a baby on their backs while working in the fields. These ugly pictures of Black women make white Americans afraid. Further perpetuating fears, anxiety, and depression for these women. These continued views of black women will hinder them from ever being entirely taken seriously in society.

It’s a wonder why more Black women are not going mad. Black women carry so much weight – the weight of being head of households, taking care of children, taking care of elderly family members, and taking care of other family members who cannot or will not take care of themselves. This is where self-care comes into play. Getting help and support is very important. Seeking out mental health professionals or coaches helps tremendously. One thing that was surprising was the fact that most successful women have either a life coach or a therapist or both on their payroll.

Ladies, it takes a village to be successful and remain sane. Success is not just about money. Success is how you define it, and it definitely includes your happiness. Take back control of your life. Get the necessary help you need to live your best life. You will be happier if you do!


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