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I recently decided to throw caution to the wind and follow some of my passions. I have always been fascinated with beauty – makeup, clothes, and hair.

I loved how a new dress would make me feel. Or how that fresh haircut gave me a little pep in my step. I especially loved how makeup enhanced my looks and made me feel more beautiful.

Now, I help women see their beauty inside and out. But, for the longest time, I felt unbeautiful. Yes, I know that word technically doesn’t exist, but it fits. It reflects how I was feeling – unseen, misunderstood, and ugly. And I suspect some of you have felt like that also.

As women of color, we are bombarded with images that say our beauty doesn’t exist or isn’t as important. The images national media likes to show us are unflattering and downright ugly. I’m so glad that we have been changing that narrative in recent years!

I guess that’s why I help women see their beauty. We are all beautiful, every shape, every color, all of it. Our differences make this gorgeous mosaic of color and personality, creating hues of cosmic energy. So collectively, individually, we are beautiful. And this is why I started my company “Everyday Beats by Janice B.” I am using makeup artistry to help everyone who wants to feel beautiful and good about herself!

We all are beautiful. We all matter. Sit in that for a moment, and then walk into your beauty.

Leave me a comment on how you will walk into your beauty this week!

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