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Beauty in Everything


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There’s beauty in everything. Yes, I know that we have been through one horrific year with the Corona Virus pandemic. I get it. I was laid off and have had struggles finding jobs during it all. However, I choose to believe there was beauty in all of it.

What this pandemic showed me was that life is precious. It is something that we take for granted. A half a million people lost their lives to this virus; let us not forget them.

Those of us that still have our lives let’s honor them by living. I don’t mean just surviving. I mean truly living. Live your best life. Don’t let that phrase become a cliché. Find out what makes you tick. What makes you excited and do it. Damn what other people say about what you’re doing, this is your life – live it!

Another thing the pandemic did for me was slow me down. I learned that I wasn’t thrilled with the direction my life was going in the slow down, but I was still living this watered-down version of myself. I was living a life that was acceptable to society and to my family. God forbid that I want to live a life of a nomad visiting places I’ve never been. Spending a couple of weeks here and there learning other cultures and ways of life. And help us all for saying the Universe instead of God! Is it one in the same, right? The point being, find your own path. Do what feels right to you, and don’t give two thoughts about what anybody else thinks about it.

The beauty is in finding your own way. It’s you discovering you. It’s doing the things that make you happy, making you feel authentic. We get so wrapped up in what other people think or what other people will say. I guarantee all of the people who lost their lives this past year wouldn’t give a damn about what others would say if they could just get one more day on this earth.

Today, go out and find the beauty around you. Go out and find the beauty within you. Get still and re-acquaint yourself with yourself. Oh, and stop caring what other people think of you. That includes your family. You are a unique individual. No one else was designed to totally get you!

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