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Beauty is only skin deep!


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Beauty is only skin deep!

Do you know the old saying beauty is skin deep? This saying is typically a put-down on a beautiful woman who is gorgeous on the outside and maybe considered ugly on the inside. Let’s ponder that saying for a moment. We see beauty for what it is, a flawless woman whose makeup, hair, and clothing are on point. Or we see a natural beauty whose features are perfect without makeup.

Yes, that beauty is the outer layer of the skin, but our beauty goes deeper than that. Our inner beauty is what counts, especially as we get older. Inner beauty reflects our confidence, boldness, uniqueness, style, and sass. Unfortunately, as we age, we feel that our outer beauty is fading, and thus we don’t feel good about ourselves. Ladies, our outer beauty may fade, but our inner beauty; you cannot trade that for anything in the world.

We grow older, yes, but we grow wiser. We grow spiritually. We grow in leaps and bounds in ways that no others can. This growth within us makes our inner beauty glorious. So don’t feel you’re losing anything when your outer beauty fades because that inner beauty glows and grows strong forever.

Leave a comment on how you let your inner beauty glow!!

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