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The Whine-Wine Blog

Because every rant, rave or whine goes down better with a great glass of wine!!


Hello everyone! I’m back after a much needed hiatus. I had to take a moment to let my life calm a bit so I can come back to you all with a clear heart, mind and soul. I must say I miss speaking into your lives each week so I’m committing to continue my blog as long as y’all commit to reading it! Deal?!

I gained some valuable pearls of wisdom on my brief hiatus. One very important pear gleaned was that of belief. Belief is so powerful. When you stop believing in yourself you lose your power to create, your power to live out your God given purpose.

If I’m being completely transparent with you, that’s what happened to me. I stopped believing. I stopped writing. I lost myself in unbelief. I believed that I wasn’t good enough. That thought paralyzed me. Then out of the blue I got the call that woke me up. It was from a friend of a friend who read my book The Forgotten A Love Story. She demanded to know when the sequel was coming out. I laughed heartily into the phone and told her that she wasn’t the only one looking for the sequel. That phone call was such a delight as I wrote that book nine years ago.

That call changed the course of my life. It got my mind churning. I started saying positive things about my writing. I started believing in myself again.

I decided to read that book, which is unusual for me. Typically, I write it and then I’m finished. I never go back to read my work. But I read this one. I was simply amazed at my writing skills. I read the book as a fan – someone who purchased the book in the book store. Looking through those eyes, I saw the development of the characters and the different plot twists. I was left wanting more. I finally understood why so many wanted a sequel. I fell in love with the characters just like so many who read the book.

Guess what? My next project is the sequel. Through this journey, I discovered that I was good. I mean I am really, really good at this writing thing. I realized that not everyone is going to like my writing and that’s ok. I can’t let that stop me. My writing is not for everyone. I learned that I must have unwavering belief in myself and leave the rest to God. After all he did give me this gift.

So, to all of you out there who’s doubting your gifts, don’t. Keep believing in yourself. Keep moving forward no matter what. If no one is tooting your horn, toot your own. Believe in yourself fiercely. Protect your craft, your dream and look out! You will blossom!

Until next time…Enjoy the journey!

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