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Black Women in the Media

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Black Women in the Media


Like all of you I anticipated the new TV show line up. I was excited to see so many women of color on primetime and on prime cable networks. This year we saw incredible shows from the Own network like Greenleaf and Queen Sugar. We had TGIT with Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal, and How to Get Away with Murder. Then there were the comedies like Blackish and Uncle Buck with Nia Long. BET also got in the game with Being Mary Jane and The Quad.

Greenleaf and Queen Sugar brought us serious drama with predominately black casts featuring very strong female leads. The story lines were relatable to black communities. They showed family pride and made us think about our own family histories and traditions. Yes there was drama and struggle but that’s what made it good TV. I loved the fact that these shows featured strong family ties and strong intelligent women.

Then there’s TGIT. I’m not sure how I feel about these shows any more. I know with Scandal, there’s no plotline. The women look desperate and aimless. Kerry Washington’s character used to be strong, intelligent and was the go to woman who fixed everything. Now she’s just there. She’s not relatable any more. The show has gone down hill and I can’t even get through an entire show.

I still like Gray’s Anatomy but their plot line is going in a direction that takes the entire cast against Miranda Bailey who’s the chief of surgeons the first Black female chief. It’s like an underlining statement that if a Black woman is in charge, she may not know exactly what’s she’s doing so we have to undermine her and undercut her.

How to Get Away with Murder is just plain weird. I hate the fact that they have Viola Davis in jail for murder. I know the show has to have to have an amazing plot twist coming but damn does a strong Black woman have to be torn down, put in shackles and treated like a common criminal?

And the Quad. I love Anika Noni Rose. But come on y’all can we see a Black woman succeed without a brother trying to tear her down? I know, it makes great drama on TV but they say art dictates reality. We are always shown as a race divided. Maybe that’s just the residue of slavery. I don’t know but I just want just one show where we are shown as the hero all the time!!

Until next time…Enjoy the journey!

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