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Born into abuse

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Introducing the 2nd installment from Poet, Blogger, Writer Nykeithia Johnson

Hey, ladies get your wine and gentlemen get your hen. We’re going to play a game called introducing. So, in the comments leave me a comment about yourself. I’ll start first. I am a small-town girl but it seems like I’ve been through everything. I turned my pain into poetry and that’s how I begin writing. At first, I would write little plays as I was listening to Aaliyah. I knew all my life that I was destined to be on top and to help others. After, a couple of years, my plays turned into poetry. So, to sum it all up I’m going to share one of my pieces called “Born into Abuse.”

Born into abuse Born into abuse catchy title I see ... I was born into a family where misery is the key ... crying all the time asking God why me. Born into abuse people always say that’s it Keke !! Then I have to tap outside of their world because it’s not about fame and money for me !! It’s my reality! It’s deeper then what you see! Words have cut me deeper than anything !! Should I stand up and fight for my emotional and mental well being !! Should I protest for my emotional mental & physical rights ! This is not right Can someone just save me from my own misery! Pull me out of this hole I’m sinked in ! Lift my head up can someone just please help me! I fight with myself about things that has happened to me! I cut myself physically that didn’t help a thing! Creating a monster inside of me! Too aggressive when I talk to people! Waking up every morning with this heartache and misery! Waking up every morning and another piece of me is dying! Pushing myself out of bed and wondering where are the people that’s supposed to be there for me !! GOD, I JUST NEED TO STREAM! Release me I love too hard and that gets the best of me !! But some kinda way I tend to keep on pushing its kinda like the wolf and the pigs !!! The storm will keep pouring just like the wolf kept blowing its wind but one day one day I’m going to be a comparison to their last house I see! Sooner or later nothing else will be able to bother me !! “Born into abuse” “born and misused” then it’ll be “born again and renewed.” Just because I WAS BORN INTO ABUSE

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