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Change Directions

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Change Directions

Lately, the path I’ve been following hasn’t been netting me the results I want. You know when you’re pursuing a dream you have your mind set on one path to get there. We’re dumfounded when we don’t reach our goals. It never dawns on us to re-evaluate the path.

I read the following the other day. One of my friends posted it on Facebook:

Continue forward

By Ralph Marston

The original path you envisioned may have been blocked. Yet the goal still beckons, and it's still accessible, because somewhere, somehow, there's a more realistic, more effective way.

You haven't been knocked off track. You've been challenged to find that better way.

Stay committed to where you intend to go, while being open to all the many ways of getting there. Be flexible enough to keep moving forward no matter what.

If you're prevented from taking a big step right now, take a small step. If your original strategy doesn't work, be thankful you don't have to spend any more effort on it, and fashion a new strategy.

All the while, stay focused on the goal, on the destination. Identify yourself, your efforts, your energy, with that goal, rather than with any specific path.

The obstacle in your path does not have to block your progress. Decide instead to make it an opportunity, to learn, to improve, to adjust, and continue forward, more effective than ever.

I thought this was so fitting, not to mention the next day I listened to a sermon basically saying the same thing. I guess this message was definitely for me. I believe this message is for you as well. It’s so important to continue to pursue your dreams. You know you’re going to have obstacles. We just have to remember not let those obstacles stop us. We also have to keep in mind the end goal is the important thing. It’s not how you get there as long as you arrive at your predetermined destination. So, as I always say enjoy the journey but this time stop to evaluate your path!

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