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I am deeply saddened over the events that took place in Charlottesville, August 12, 2017. I consider myself a patriot and love my country dearly even though sometimes it doesn’t love me back. My hearts and prayers go out to the 32-year-old woman who died because of this as well as for the 2 State Troopers who died in a helicopter crash trying to assist.

“We are fulfilling the promise of Donald Trump to take our country back, that’s why we voted for him” David Duke. As I’m sitting in this all white coffee shop listening to the conversations around me people staring at me as if I am out of place, that quote runs through my mind. “Our country?” That statement infuriates me. This was never their country meaning the white man’s. They stole it. After they stole this country they didn’t know what to do with it so they enslaved Africans to build it and work the land. On the back of Africans this country was developed and shaped.

So my question is how can you take back something that wasn’t yours in the first place? This country does not belong to you. It belongs to all of us. In the beginning this country was a nation of immigrants trying to make a better life for themselves and their families. How can you say that this country would be great without all of the contributions of various ethnic groups? I am so ashamed of this country. Something as basic as skin color drives our nation’s wealth and power. Skin color – not intelligence, not the notion of progression, not the ability to use strengths to improve – skin color.

News flash, skin color doesn’t do anything your skin just covers your bones and protects your vital organs. It doesn’t think. It’s not intelligent it only has the one function – protect the body!

It’s a sad day in America when we have a president that promotes bigotry and hatred to the point that he is mentioned in a quote by prominent white supremacists at a white supremacy rally. That speaks volumes as to where our country is and how much they value people of color. It’s even sadder when the average white person denounces that there’s even racism still in this country. How can we address an issue when half of the people don’t believe it exist and the other half believe they are superior and will not address the issue?

I agree with the strong words of Governor Terry McAuliffe at least he had the balls to call the white supremacists out and tell them to get the hell out of his state. That was more than our President. All he did was read a statement and then had the nerve to say President Barack Obama’s name. Trump came out with strong words against Korea and his cabinet members he wanted to fire. Mr. Trump where are your strong words against white supremacy?

This type of behavior is not what the United (emphasis on the word united) States of America stands for. We as united intellectual human beings are better than this. We as a people, together, can only combat this type of behavior and eradicate our country from this hatred!

Until next time…Enjoy the journey!

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