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Introducing the 6th and final installment from Poet, Blogger, Writer Nykeithia Johnson

Hey, guys Hey! Ladies grab your wine and Gents grab your hen! So, last week I shared “Manslaughter”. Well, I am excited to give you a sneak peek of my new project called “ Cinderella”! Writing this project has been very much exciting! We as humans tend to miss the important points in life when it comes to loving one another for who they are! Hopefully reading this story will help us get back into our grove. The release date for “Cinderella” is June 17, 2020, on my WATTPAD account. You can find my account under my first and last name ( Nykeithia Johnson) or you can click the link at the bottom to follow! I hope you guys enjoy it! Here’s your sneak peek.


1998 settings on the west side of Compton, California. Where the hood couldn’t get any worse. A young girl and her mother lived in sunshine apartments. All you saw was killing and drugs. Aaliyah got in a little trouble so her mother sent her to live with her grandparents.

Aaliyah- Mom !! Mooooom ! Help mom!

Mother- what’s Wrong Aaliyah and why are you late coming from school!

Aaliyah- they rapped me mom ( crying historically) they rapped me at gunpoint, mom. I hate it here! Why can’t we move away!

Mother- oh my baby (rolling eyes) let’s go to the hospital

Aaliyah- for what just for you to believe me mom! I am your child! I hate you! You didn’t even believe me when I told you your boyfriend James rapped me 3 years ago!

Mother- let’s not bring that up ! Have you forgot I worked hard to cover your ass for his murder I think you committed! Better yet I know you did! I have been unhappy along freaking time now! It’s time I know the truth! It’s time I find a man and keep him from around your fast ass! James was good to us! You know he was! You were wrong and crazy in the head like your dead beat ass daddy! Now let’s go to the hospital! (Giggles) Look at you! Look at you! You done let some LilLil boy pop your cherry huh? Getting blood all over those clothes! Get to the car now or I’ll drag your ass lil girl from here to the hospital! (Blows cigarette Smoke in Aaliyah’s face) the choice is yours.

Aaliyah crying as she is running to the car. They arrive at the hospital. Aaliyah is being seen.

Doctor- Mrs. Woodard?

Mother- yes

Doctor- I’m sorry to break the news but Aaliyah wasn’t rapped once but multiple times. Here is some medical examination here of Aaliyah. If you look right here you can see some old scar tissues that haven’t healed from maybe 3 years ago. Do you know who could’ve sexually abused your daughter around that time other than today?

Mother- (in total shock) omg James

Doctor: excuse me?

Mother: (begins crying) James, James was her abuser but he is dead now.

Doctor: Mrs. Woodard this is serious! Did Aaliyah tell you that James rapped her before? She mentioned him to me. She told me that the guys that rapped her today were connected to James Mitchell Jr. Do you have any idea what’s going on?

Mother: no sir! I don’t doctor! If I did! I damn sure wouldn’t be here! She needs mental health! Her father was the same way!

Doctor: wow Mrs. Woodard Aaliyah did say you still wouldn’t believe it. Aaliyah was indefinitely rapped I took DNA from the scar and semen that was left inside of your daughter today. Aaliyah has agreed to be sent off for a mental examination! Mrs. Woodard, how often do you check Aaliyah's mental state of mind?

Mother: you will not take my baby from me! Aaliyah Aaliyah! Let’s go unplug that shit and let’s go now!

Doctor: Mrs. Woodard stop it, stop it now! The FBI is here to further question you about your daughter's abuser and your place of living. If you don’t want to be arrested I suggest you calm down and cooperate with me for your daughter’s health or they will escort you out of my hospital in handcuffs! Now about your daughter’s mental health!

Mother: she doesn’t talk to me about anything! She stays locked up in her room.

Doctor: Aaliyah has been cutting herself on her arm, thigh an,d chest area. Some of the scars have been there for years. I’m sorry to tell you but DHR is now involved in this case. Who is a person of interest you would like Aaliyah to go to for a couple of days?

Mother: (sadly) My parents

Doctor: Thank you! FBI she’s yours!


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