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Did you Buy your Nike's Yet?

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September 5, 2018, mark this date in your book or remembrance. That’s the day Nike took a stand or should I say a knee. They announced to the world that Colin Kaepernick was their next spoke person. He narrates a two-minute video asking the world to be the best they can ever be. Every time I see the commercial, feel I can conquer the world.

But not everyone feels this way. Can you believe it? They are protesting Nike. This is Nike people! The shoe legend!! The place where all the great athletes fight for endorsement contracts!!

As you know, Kaepernick, in the 2016 NFL football season staged silent protests during the singing of the national anthem by taking a knee instead of participating. He was protesting the killing of black men at the hands of police. His stand against police brutality and racism sparked the nation, including many high school and college teams to follow suit and protest as well.

Now I ask, why are you so despondent over Nike aligning itself with Kaepernick and against brutality against innocent people of color? Are you saying it’s ok for people of color to be gunned down like dogs? Is that the true nature of your angst against Nike and Kaepernick?

I can’t believe we, as a superior society, are still fighting over taking a knee. Wasn’t this country built on the protest? Didn’t we have the Boston Tea party? Didn’t Trump stand up and say that white supremacists were fine people when one of them ran down an innocent protester – because we have freedom of speech in this country? Why is it an atrocity when African American’s exercise their right to protest and it’s patriotic when White people protest?

It is absolutely ludicrous for people to be out there burning their Nikes. Damn, this country has a serious race issue. It’s so disheartening to see people actually protesting against standing up for decency and equality. I thought this was 2018! When are we going to become an enlightened democracy who uses intelligence, strategy and plain common sense to govern and not the color of one’s skin?

I hope all of your will go out and buy Nike in protest to the protests! I know I am!! Send me Instagram pics of your Nike’s - @poetryinmotionii as a show of solidarity!!

Go to the forums section of my website to weigh in: Should Nike continue to support Colin Kaepernick?

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Until next time, enjoy the journey!

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