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Do Black Lives Really Matter to White People?


Representing All Genuine Expressions

Because Every Voice Matters!

I know you all have seen the pledges from various companies about black lives matter. I've even written about all of them earlier. But now it's been 30 days since George Floyd's death, and I'm still frustrated. I'm still angry. I'm still distrustful of the majority. I see this country struggling to find some common ground to combat this racial issue we've stared down for centuries.

What do we do? I'm still experiencing small racial microaggressions. I've done a few zoom interviews, and once the managers noticed that I was black, the energy and rapport built from the initial phone interview went out the window.

It was like my blackness automatically made me less than, incapable of doing the job and suddenly unintelligent.

I don't believe that the typical white person gets it. In my opinion, the white majority believe to their core; black people are inferior; whether conscious or unconscious; they think we're not human. I don't know how we can overcome implicit biases, and that ingrained to the core racism.

How do we win as a people if we continually have a knee on our necks, causing us to fall behind continuously? We can't win. The more white people feel black people are gaining, the more they think they are losing something.

I don't know what the answer is. All I know is I am tired of feeling inferior. I am tired of having this knee on my neck telling me I can't do or can't have just because I'm black. Enough is enough already!Go out and support a black business today!

Until next time – Enjoy the journey!

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