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Dreams Deferred

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Dreams Deferred

Ok so I was listening to this sermon by Joel Osteen this morning where he was talking about how you have to be faithful and still show excellence in your mundane routines. You know when you feel that you are just going around and around in circles and nothing’s happening. Y’all know that feeling when you just wanted to throw your hands up in the air because you worked so hard on your dreams and nothing’s happening.

I’ve been there and definitely know how you feel. I’ve been writing well I should say self-publishing for almost 10 years now and just feel like I’m spinning my wheels. But you know what that sermon did for me this morning? It gave me hope. Pastor Osteen talked about continuing to be faithful and keep honoring God when you feel like nothing is happening. He stated not to worry because behind the scenes God is working.

I know what you’re thinking. You feel that’s what you’ve been doing and bam a big fat nothing. You get more discouraged when you see half naked Instagram models blow up or that ignorant girl on Dr. Phil blow up using one ignorant catch phrase. Yeah I feel your pain especially if you have a positive message you would like the world to hear, but I truly feel that God is faithful!

My friends hold on. Don’t sell your soul to the devil for instant fame. Keep persevering. Keep perfecting your craft. Stay faithful. Believe without a doubt. You will win when you are operating in your God given gift!

Until next time…Enjoy the journey!

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