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The Whine-Wine Blog

Because every rant, rave, or whine goes down better with a great glass of wine!!

I want to thank all of you who enjoyed the Whine/Wine Wednesday blog. I've been writing it since 2015, man, that was a long run! I'm afraid it's time to retire it. I appreciate your support throughout the years. It was a great run while it lasted! But, don't get dismayed, you will still hear from me. I will continue to bring you tantalizing content but in two unique formats.

I felt deep in my heart to provide a platform for new and established indie authors/writers. Therefore, I'm starting a blog specifically geared towards indie authors that would include anything about writing and publishing. The blog will be more in alignment with my goals. This blog will continue on Wednesdays. Perhaps, you all could help to name this new blog.

Which name do you like best:

1. Wednesday Writing Corner

2. My Write Life

3. Confessions of an Indie Author

4. Indie Love

5. Written Word Wednesday

Now, y'all know me, I have to have my wine, and I have to rant about something, especially with all of this craziness going on in the world. Bring your wine on over to Fridays and enjoy a glass while reading R.A.G.E - Representing All Genuine Expressions. This blog will incorporate trending topics, self-help, positivity all washed down with some great wine.

Whether you are an author, blogger, writer, or poet, I'm inviting you to come and express yourself on either platform.

Until next time – Enjoy the journey!

Follow me at:

@jlbrantle –Twitter

@Poetrynmotionii – Twitter

poetryinmotionii – Instagram

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