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The Whine-Wine Blog

Because every rant, rave or whine goes down better with a great glass of wine!!

As promised, I’m disclosing why I stopped writing for a bit. The bottom line was I got disillusioned with everything that was going on in the world. With all the political strife from immigrant babies being snatched from their mother’s arms, to the political corruption in the Russian probe, and the blatant racism from the Commander and Chief, I couldn’t take it anymore.

I couldn’t keep blogging about all of this crazy mess. So, I stopped writing, stopped blogging. I also stopped watching the news. It was getting really crazy. I would get my wine and popcorn and sit down to watch what drama would unfold in the news that day. It wasn’t like regular new, you know the kind that would inform you of what’s going on in the world. With Trump, it was like watching an evening soap opera. Like the old ones from the ‘80’s – Dallas, “Who shot JR?” type drama.

I went on a news media and social media detox. I had to regain my sanity. I needed some serenity, bliss and peace. I had to get still with God to see what was going on in this world and how I fit in it.

It took me awhile. I meditated. I started exercising more. I read some awesome books. I went on a fabulous vacation with my sisters.

I didn’t get all of the answers but I do know this now: You have to unplug and take care of yourself, on a regular basis. You have to value yourself. You have to know that you are important. Too much news and social media will have you feeling so low and so depressed, you can barely pull yourself out of that black whole.

Put yourself first sometimes. Pick up a book to stimulate your mind. Work on puzzles to enhance your strategic thinking. Meditate and talk to God every day. Know that you’re worth it. Social Media and dumb videos will always be there. You’re better than that. Free your mind, free yourself and do what God intended you to do. I know I am!

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Until next time, enjoy the journey!

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