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Goal For It!

The Whine-Wine Blog

Because every rant, rave or whine goes down better with a great glass of wine!!

Did Lisa Nichols’ words just hit you right in the heart? I know they did for me. I can so relate. I am just now really living my life on my terms. I think we as human beings get lost in our day to day lives that we forget all about the goals and dreams we had as children. We let life sweep us up in a current so forceful that we don’t know how to break free.

I also think that some people get to a certain age and feel that it’s too late to tackle those long-forgotten goals. Telling themselves that the ship has sailed, that they are too old, or that it’s just simply time to slow down. I call BS, it is not time to put yourself out to pasture. I say it’s never too late to pursue your dreams. Hey, newsflash, if you’re supposed to accomplish something in this life, that nagging feeling will not go away until you get off your butt and do it.

I never understood the “dash” story when it was first told to me years ago. I was young and felt that whatever was whatever. Now that I’m older, I want my life to mean something. I want to help as many people that I can accomplish their goals. We are put here on earth not to tear each other down but to lift each other up, and I’m here to say I will lift you up!

Today contemplate on that “dash” in your life. What do you what your legacy to say when you’re gone? Do you want to be an I’m glad I did person or an I wish I had person? It’s totally up to you.

As I stated, I’m here to help. My company, Poetry In Motion II will help authors, writers, bloggers and speakers who are struggling with getting their written words out, who are having problems with how to publish their work and what’s the best process to get their work ready for publishing by offering coaching on the entire publishing process so they can become a visible published author in alignment with their brand and marketing to share with their own clients. My services are unique because I take my client’s written words from start to finish- a step by step process, including finishing their body of work, branding, and publishing.

You may be thinking, but I’m not a writer, and I don’t write a book. That’s ok. You can still connect with me. I will help you on your journey even if it is to connect you with a phenomenal business coach, healer, etc. to help you reach your goals. I promise you, I know some of everybody!

Just for you, I have a wonderful gift when you got to my website at and put your name on the list. Also, drop me a line at and tell me about your book or introduce me to one of your friends/family members who’s been talking about that book they wanted to write for soooooo long you almost want to write it for them! I can help, and I promise that I will take them by the hand and walk them through the process step by step.

So sit back, take a sip of your favorite wine and be determined to become that published author you always wanted to become!

Until next time Enjoy the journey!

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