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God Loves you!

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God Loves you!

Sunday morning. You live for that day to praise God and give thanks for living another day. Your eyes are closed while you slowly rock to the worship music enjoying your communion with God. The first shot rang out. Eyes flutter open. More shots ring out. The only thing you can do was try to move out of the way of bullets raining down on you. One minute you are praising God. The next minute people are dying in front of you. “God, why have you forsaken us?” You scream out once the deadly calm creeps in.

Dear people, know that God has a plan and he loves you. I know it’s hard to hear when your loved ones are dead. But know that he sees your tears and hears your cry. God loves you. He’s wrapping his protective arms around you. Do not give up in despair.

My sincere condolences go out to all of those people who lost their lives in the Southerland Springs, TX church shooting. This was a senseless shooting by a coward. A man who beats the women and children in his life, a man who had little regard for anyone else but himself. I hope he rots in Hell.

My prayers go out to all those families in Southerland, TX and in Las Vegas. I also pray that this country would get a clue and really start looking at gun control. It is my sincere hope that the advocates of the right to bear arms understand that guns don’t kill people, people kill people and tighter gun control would help keep guns out of the people’s hands that mean harm.

Until next time…Enjoy the journey!

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