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Good Coach Bad Coach: 3 Things to Look for When Choosing Your Coach

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Because every rant, rave, or whine goes down better with a great glass of wine!!

Picture this (said in my best Sophia Petrillo voice); you’re sitting at your desk hunched over. You finally drop your head into your arms, trying to cover your shame of not being able to finish your novel. You keep trying. You give it your all, but it’s just not coming. No matter what you do, you cannot type another word!

What do you do? After much contemplation, you decide to get a coach, someone who could guide you and give you sage advice. But wait, how do you choose the best one for you? Do you pick the person with the most experience? Do you accept the person with the most charisma? Oh, what’s an author supposed to do?

Well, here’s my two cents: you want to choose someone with these three characteristics:

1. Passion

2. Integrity

3. Knowledge

Yes, in that order.

I believe passion is essential. It would help if you had someone that’s all in, someone who’s number one goal is to help you reach your goals, not theirs. Coaches who’re just looking for a paycheck, please step aside. Next is integrity. You want a coach who is honest and has strong moral principles. You don’t want your coach stealing your ideas or doing any other shady shenanigans. Third, they need to have a working knowledge of the policies they are teaching you. Now, that’s not to say they have to have a Ph.D. or have been in the business for 50 years!

If you find these three qualities in a coach and you guys click, you will have an excellent symbiotic relationship, and you will be able to complete your projects and reach your goals.

Until the next time – Enjoy the Journey!

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