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Has side chicks become the norm?

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Has side chicks become the norm?

Ok so I discovered HD radio. Yeah, I just thought that was the most amazing thing. I’m slow don’t judge me J Anyway, I’m driving down the street jamming to V103’s HD channel that plays nothing but neo soul and R & B with limited commercials. So, y’all know I was in hog heaven! Then this song comes on and I heard the following lyrics:

My man is my man is your man Her, this her man too My man is my man is your man Her, that's her man Tuesday and Wednesday, Thursday and Friday I just keep him satisfied through the weekend You're like 9 to 5, I'm the weekend Make him lose his mind every weekend You take Wednesday, Thursday Then just send him my way Think I got it covered for the weekend

I said what the hell, stop the presses and almost ran into the person who just stopped in front of me. The song is called “The Weekend” by SZA. So, I made a mental note and looked up the artist and the song. The SZA aka Solána Rowe appears to be a young secure lady. So it got me thinking, maybe side pieces, side chicks or whatever you want to call them, isn’t about insecurity anymore.

Could it be that women are looking at being the chick on the side as some sort of control? Like they are taking control of the situation and being in these relations because they want to and not because they were manipulated into it? Maybe some sort of twisted display of freedom?

It’s becoming so common place that it’s hard to tell and if that’s not the case whose responsibility is it to change this acceptable behavior? The man’s? The woman’s?

Listen I’m not being judgmental. I know shit happens. I’m just asking the questions. I think we as a society need to pay attention to what we are doing. If WE say that family is one of the pillars in our community then WE need to cherish the family and work together to preserve it, especially in African American communities.

Judging by the end of the song the girl wasn’t too happy being the side chick. That seems like a typical reaction after being in this type of situation for a while. How could you be happy? Ladies (and gentlemen), you deserve more. You deserve to have a wholesome loving relationship, not one that’s fractured and in pieces.

Until next time…Enjoy the journey!

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