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Hope or Demise?


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It’s an age-old American story, one of generosity and one of greed. Which side will America fall under this time? We have this deadly virus – COVID-19 ravaging our country. As always, in a time of crisis, we turn to our experts, the ones who instill hope, generosity, and comfort. They use their expertise to guide us through our time of need. Then the ugly monster of greed rears its ugly head, contradicting the experts, telling Americans that the experts are wrong and that they’re ruining our country.

True to form, we have Americans who believe the politicians and their lies about the demise of our country, and we have Americans who believe the experts and believe they have the know-how to keep us safe. Who’s right?

Did COVID-19 give us a chance to slow down, check our greed, and look at how we are destroying ourselves and the earth? Did this virus shine the light on how we treat each other, who we say is valuable, and who is not? What should we learn from it, morally speaking?

I’m typically optimistic about everything and find hope in all things. I believe in goodness, equality, and a bright future, but this is hard. Our future is so uncertain. We have people brandishing guns in so-called rallies for their rights to go out in public. But what about everyone’s right to remain alive? We have senseless shootings because people refuse to wear masks to keep their fellow man safe. We have babies fighting to breathe in hospitals. We have the elderly dying by the dozens. What is it all for?

In the midst of it all, I still choose hope. I believe we can and will have a better future once this is all said and done. I think the average American wants a country that is safe, equal, thriving, and welcoming to all. What about you?

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I look forward to reading and posting your stories.

Until next time – Enjoy the journey!

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