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It Ain’t Easy

The Whine-Wine Blog

Because every rant, rave, or whine goes down better with a great glass of wine!!

So last week I had the flu no not coronavirus J so my brain has been hazy for a little over a week with the meds therefore writing was a little difficult. That got me to thinking: Is writing a book a difficult task? I hear this phrase all the time “Wow you’re writer, it’s so difficult to sit down and write a book.” And Hell Yeah I’d have to agree. LoL. It ain’t easy but it can be simple.

All my fellow creatives out there know what I mean. We can sit down with pen in hand or hands on a keyboard and write. I know, I know, I love this stuff. I love words. Writing is simple to me because it gives me pleasure.

I know you’re be wondering how can a novice begin a writing career especially if they have no clue.

I have a simple formula that can help all of you budding writers out there. On March 21st I will be launching the Novel Finishing School.

It’s my course that helps wayward authors find their way back to authorship and start writing again.

Please join me for a Facebook Live information session on March 14th at 1 PM. I will tell you more about the Novel Finishing School, how to register and answer general questions about writing.

Until the next time – Enjoy the Journey!

If you have a project sitting on your hard drive, please contact me at or go to; you would be a great candidate for the Novel Finishing School course – Live Webinar March 19th.

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