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It’s a New Year ~ What you gonna do?!

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It’s a New Year ~ What you gonna do?!

Happy New Year everyone! You got a clean slate. You have 12 months to make things happen. What are you going to do with your clean slate? I was listening to a podcast on and got some very valuable advice. In the podcast, it was explained that to create the year you want you have to do 3 things. First was to review the past year. Look at what went well and what didn’t. From the things that didn’t go well find the lesson and vow not to make the same mistake.

Second, preview the coming year. List things that you would like to accomplish. Take the lessons from the prior year and then apply the solutions to the next. Make a list of goals and create a template on how you want to accomplish them.

Third was to purge. Purge all of the things that didn’t work for you form the prior year and get rid of them. You can purge things like past failed businesses, relationships, and friendships. The goal is to go into your new year with a clean heart, soul, and mind.

I particularly like the third step, purge. This is something that I didn’t really think to do. It makes sense to get rid of everything that’s holding you down or everyone that’s holding you back. Ultimately you want to press forward with your goals by surrounding yourself with positive go-getting people. I plan on incorporating this purge step into my yearly ritual of planning my year.

I hope this helps you jump start your year. I know it helped me! If you have any awesome tips and rituals that you do to get your new year off to a great start please share them on my website on the forum’s page under freestyle.

Until next time…Enjoy the journey!

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