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Morality Wins!

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Morality Wins!

Morality Wins! Doug Jones wins the senate seat in Alabama beating the controversial Roy Moore who is accused of sexually harassing minor girls. Alabamians told the world enough is enough! They echo the sentiment of the American people. We are all tired of the back biting, lying, and predatory attitudes and actions of the current political atmosphere!

The Trump administration ushered in an era of fear, superior-ism, sexism, racism and any other ism you can think of. He bullies those around him and rules with intimidation. Trumps’ actions say it is ok to bully, to treat women like trash and to disregard the civil rights of minorities.

Doug Jones’s win symbolizes the dichotomy of the American people that believes morals matter over power. It symbolizes that Americans still value morality and decency. The win blares to all that Americans still believe that family matters, women matter, children matter, human rights matter, and what’s good and right with America matters! All things are more important than just money and power.

All is not lost. This victory gives hope. Hope in an America that values its people, in an America who wants people to thrive, who believes in equality for all, justice for all and the pursuit of happiness for all!

Until next time…Enjoy the journey!

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