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No Man is an Island – 4 Steps to Freedom


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Let me be really clear here; get help! If you need help, get it. There is no shame in asking for assistance. Now help doesn’t necessarily mean therapy, but that’s a great way to maintain your sanity. If you’re a busy mother and have a full-time job, there is nothing wrong with hiring someone to clean your house, send out your laundry, or hire a chef. We’re not superhumans with superpowers. Getting the help you need will free you up to spend more time with the kids. What would you like your children to remember about you: Mommy was always working and didn’t have time for us. Or would Mommy come home from work, and we would have a ball hanging out with her?

Now more than ever, it’s time to get honest with yourself. Get to know what you’re made of and what you need. Find out what you truly desire and go for it. Stop stressing over stupid stuff (I’m preaching to myself, also). Stop worrying, period. Chasing the things that are totally wrong for you will kill you, quite frankly. I know you can name several people who are absolutely miserable. They hate their job. They hate their boss. They hate their life.

Take steps to change your life. It all begins with a decision. I’ve made that decision, and you will see me walking out my ideal life. Just keep watching. But enough about me. Here’s how you begin to live your ideal life:

Step 1. Decide. Decide that you want something different and write it down. Tell a trusted confidant to help keep you accountable.

Step 2. Get Clear.

Get a clear vision of what it is you want to do. Write the vision and make it plain. Create a vision board. Do a digital one if you have to, but make sure that vision is in your face daily. You need daily reminders of the change you are trying to create.

Step 3. Get Help.

Hire a coach. Go to training. This past weekend I attended the Client Creation Queen annual summit with the fantastic business coach Kadidja Yansane and her company Bloom Into you.

It was a fantastic retreat. I learned a lot and built terrific connections with the women in attendance.

Step 4. Believe.

Believe in yourself and your ability to create the life you’ve always wanted to live. God didn’t put that thought in you for nothing. That business idea, book idea, or new product creation was divinely implanted. So follow your intuition and believe wholeheartedly.

Know that you, yes, you are enough. The way you are. The way you show up in this world is your unique footprint. You don’t have to appease or prove yourself to anyone. Be true to yourself and go after what you want. Along the way, fiercely love yourself. It’s ok to do that because you are worth it!

Until we meet here again, stay flawless and fabulous!

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