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So Donald Trump Jr. said he met with a Russian attorney because they contacted him, luring him in with the promise of scandalous information on Hillary Clinton that could derail her run for president. He claims his father didn’t know about any of this. Yeah horrible, despicable yada yada yada.

Do they think the American people are stupid? Do they think we are buying this bull! So Don Jr. you take the fall for this Russian stuff so I don’t get impeached and I will reward you later by purchasing a small island for you. Can’t you imagine them sitting at home or right there in the White House strategizing about all of this.

Donald Trump is a liar, cheater, womanizer and a bigot. This is who we have representing our country. Isn’t it time to say enough is enough? There is no way shape or form to defend this type of behavior. I used to believe that there was a certain honor that came with the position of the United States, now not so much now. Can this country be so racist that they wanted to tear down a Black man’s legacy as well as prevent a woman from becoming president? I bet everyone wishes that Hillary were the president now!!!

Until next time…Enjoy the journey!

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