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Pep Talk


Ok y’all with all of this madness that’s been going on the last two weeks Trump’s been in the office, I needed a break. I also needed something to give me hope. You know, I needed of pep talk so to speak. That’s what I intended to do with the blog today. I wanted to give you guys a pep talk to let you know that in the end all would be ok, but the words wouldn’t come. Yeah that’s how disillusioned I’ve become over what’s been transpiring with the Muslim band, the repeal of Obama care and the conservative appointment to the Supreme Court.

So I figured I would say it in video. Who doesn’t like a good video? I went to YouTube in search of the perfect uplifting video. I searched topics like hope and positivity. Nothing was speaking to me. When I was about to give up hope in finding the perfect video to show you, I came across this one by Kid President. Yeah I know how appropriate since we have a 5 year old in the office now.

The video made me laugh made me smile, and yes it gave me hope! So enjoy this little ray of sunshine tonight and tomorrow we will continue the good fight. It’s going to take all of us to band together because yes we can! We will be the one’s to make America great again – a nation that is inclusive of everyone!

Until next time…Enjoy the journey!

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