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Let’s get some wine and sip. Better yet, let’s get some wine, popcorn, a cozy blanket, and sip. Let me take your mind off COVID- 19 for a minute. Fasten your seat belts! I’m about to take you on a joy ride about poetry.

My name is Nykeithia Johnson. I am twenty-three and country. So, believe me when I tell you that I am not the grammar police. Please excuse me for any errors that I make. Now let’s get to the real point of this blog.

How many of you know when and where poetry started? No one, okay! Poetry was born in Britain many years ago. Let’s just say in one form or another poetry has been here. However, when we think of poetry, Romeo and Juliet come to mind. I know this is not your typical poem you would see today, but none-the-less it’s poetry.

In the 20th and 21st centuries, poetry was influenced by modernism and various changes brought about by world wars. Poetry evolved into a sonnet form and continues to progress today. If you want to learn more about the beginning of poetry, a British museum holds the first work of poetry called “ The Epic of Gilgamesh.” The fine print has dated poetry from the 18th century. Now I’m not trying to bore you at all.

I’m only taking you on a knowledge ride about poetry. I am positive that you love to hear, write, and read poetry. I will be coming to you next week with more on the art, better known as poetry!

About NyKeithia:

Nykeithia Johnson is originally from Monroeville, Alabama where she resides now. Her love of writing blossomed at an early age. She began writing at the tender age of five. She is currently a Certified Nursing Assistant. Nykeithia was the president of SGA (Social Government Association) at Montgomery Job Corps Center, where she received her certification. She plays a significant role in the community. Nykeithia is currently writing her book “Born into Abuse.” NyKethia is a role model and leader to her community, family, and circle of friends. She has a larger than life personality which shines through in her poetry. Nykeithia’s goal is to become the voice of the unheard. Also, she would like to help, heal, and make others happy by assisting those who suffer from depression. Her advice to others is to hold on; she’s coming. She believes in breakthroughs. Her saying is, “Breathe and fight, my warriors. It’s going to be okay.”

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