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Because every rant, rave or whine goes down better with a great glass of wine!!

Have you noticed? When did Black women become third class citizens? I mean, I’ve seen the reports on how we are the lowest paid, the most underrepresented, and the most disrespected. I’ve seen it and felt it, but I think I ignored it. I don’t know why I’m feeling raw and totally in tuned to all of this negativity around me, maybe it’s the recent death of my biological mother (more on that later) that’s making me re-examine everything in my life and question all the injustices going on but a few incidences this past week caused me to pause.

Incident one:

I was traveling back to Atlanta from Omaha, Nebraska and there was this group of white men with one token black guy traveling on the same flight. I could tell they worked together, but I wasn’t sure what they did. I got the impression that they did some sort of utility job they definitely weren’t white collar. These guys were very southern and loud!

We boarded the plane and lucky me. I got to sit right behind the token. He kept making jokes like he was trying hard to fit in. It was totally annoying. He asked someone on the plane to switch seats so he could sit with his white co-worker. Finally, he settled down after the white co-worker got up and changed seats. He claimed that he wanted to sit in another seat to stretch out. I was like, yeah right, you just wanted to get away from this buffoon.

So anyway, we landed, and you know how it goes we all stood up ready to go. The loud black guy let a white woman go ahead of him. I tried to pass. He looked at me and stepped out into the aisle quickly blocking my way. He swung open the overhead bin so fast that I had to duck. He then snatched this large backpack out of the bin and almost knocked me out with it and proceeded forward. I was like damn! Why would you respect that white woman over me? I obviously was cut from a similar cloth as you were.

Second incident:

I was walking in my neighborhood, as I always do in the evening. Two young black male teenagers were walking on the same path but in the opposite direction. I was trying to pass. They wouldn’t step aside to let me. I had to step onto the grass to get out of their way before they knocked off the trail. I was like damn. Shouldn’t you respect your elders?

I know what some of y’all are thinking out there, they were teenagers. However, that just showed they didn’t have any home training. They needed to be taught that you step aside and let a lady pass. They needed to be taught basic manners.

Now let’s not talk about how black men treat black women these days. That’s an another rabbit hole that we will not jump through today. But, think about it my brother, you wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for your Black mother. How can you treat another sister poorly? Do you think of your mother, your sister, or your daughter when you cut down a Black woman? What have we ever done to deserve ill-treatment? Please let me know. Let your voice be heard on the woes you suffered because of a Black woman? I’m not talking about trifling women, there are petty women in all races. I’m talking about the good Black women who you screwed over.

Black man, most of the Black women I know would give her life for you? Would you do the same? The next time you think about disrespecting Black women, think about that. Then think about how you would feel if a Black man disrespected your mother, your sister, or your daughter.

Until next time, enjoy the journey!

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