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Hey, guys, hey ladies grab your wine, and gents grab your hen. Thankfully, I’m back, and I’m better. Let’s talk about a tragedy written by William Shakespeare called “Romeo and Juliet.” It’s still one of the most famous plays in today’s century. We believe that the play had been written between 1591-1595. The play was first published in 1597 in a quarto version. Legendary right! Who would’ve known a tragic love story written before we were born can still catch our eyes. Shakespeare was known for a drastic poetic structure. The play is being more adapted into the sonic form, stage, film, musical, and opera venues. So, I challenge you today to do your research on William Shakespeare and Romeo and Juliet! Let me know what type of knowledge you get from what you’ve read about the legendary William Shakespeare. Here’s a poem to enjoy until next time.


Romeo, it’s me, Juliet. I loved you as soon as our eyes met. If loving you would cost me death, then I’m here to pay my debt. Romeo Romeo, oh Romeo, it’s me your wife Juliet remember love when you took my hand and kissed me at the river where you thought you killed me and left my body at. You promised you would always remember me. I’m here to help you keep that promise. It’s me, Romeo, Juliet. You didn’t say until death do us part, so our love isn’t dead yet. I’m here to have my wedding Romeo! Get down here now and say your vows! Make love to me to the sounds of the crickets! Romeo, I said now! “ go away, Juliet,” said Romeo, “ you are dead! Get out of my head! I played my part and wished you off! Instead of paying someone, I killed you myself instead.”

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