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Spirit ~ Capturing the Essence of the Woman

In everything that I do and everything that I put out in the world, I attempt to help someone else be better. I stopped writing my blog last year around the time Covid-19 hit. I was overwhelmed with what was happening. Then you couple that with the raw and dangerous political climate. It was way too much for my synapses to take. While the world was topsy turvy, so was my life. My job laid me off, the world slammed to a halt, and I didn't know what to do.

I can't imagine how you all were feeling. Me, I was angry one minute and giddied the next. I was excited about my future and then afraid for myself and all of humanity. I felt like I was losing my mind! Y'all, I stopped writing! Y'all know that's my heartbeat, my lifeline!

Thinking back on all of this as we rounded the corner of a new year, I realized that being laid off and having the world come to a halt was the best thing that ever happened to me. I know that may be a strange thing to say because of the reasoning behind all that madness, but it was good to me. The slowdown was precisely what I needed. You see, before all of that, I was working a job that I loved/hated. I believe some of y'all can relate. You love what you do, but the people around you make your life so difficult you hate going to work every day. I was in therapy because; my boss at my job sucked; she was a bully. I knew I needed a change but didn't know how to bring that change. Therapy helped!

I was thankful for the slowdown. I learned so much about myself and the strange times that we are living in. This slow down awakened my spirit. I can no longer tolerate things that disturb my peace and send my soul into a state of flux. I started this blog as an ode to women, especially black women who have had to hide their true essence behind a smile. Who has to pretend that they are jovial on a job so they won't be labeled angry black women.

This is the year of the Black Woman. Ladies do not hide anymore! You are FREE!

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