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Spring Clean Your Soul

It’s finally spring! People all over the country are shedding off winter. They are clearing the dust bunnies that took up residence in the cracks and corners of their homes. Walls are being washed, floors are being shined, and winter is being tucked away. Yards are being trimmed and cut. Flowers and vegetables are being planted. Even your physical appearance is getting a refreshing. New brightly colored clothes are being donned. New hairstyles, new fashions, new shoes…

But what about your soul? You started the year with new resolutions. You agonized over your goals until you got them exactly right. Have you checked in with yourself? Have you asked yourself what’s working and what’s not? Do you know what makes you happy?

I’m not talking about that surface stuff; the stuff people place on you. The longer I live, the more I’ve come to understand that what I truly want; what I truly and feel is best for my life has nothing to do with what other people think I should do or what society says is appropriate for an African American woman. I’ve noticed so many people, especially women, try to contort and twist themselves into this imaginary mold set up by “they” who say this is what you should be.

I don’t know about you, but I’m sick and tired of this elusive “they” who runs our lives. I’m tired of trying to fit a mode that was never really meant for me in the first place. That mode was created to tame and to douse the flame of our magnificent spirit. That spirit of creativity. That spirit of greatness. That spirit of the king and queen living in all of us.

So, this spring, look inward. Look at what you are truly gifted to do and go about doing it. Clean out all those naysayers from your soul. Clean out all of those voices that say you are not enough because you are. Trust the spirit, trust your royal ancestors, trust yourself. You are more than enough. You were created for more. You deserve abundance. You deserve to be authentically you

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