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Stay Woke

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Because every rant, rave or whine goes down better with a great glass of wine!!

Stay Woke!

Ok so I was having this conversation this weekend about African Americans and how we as a people don’t help each other advance. We look at each other as the competition. We can never get ahead as a people because we are so afraid that the person next door or a family member would obtain more that we have.

I have to stop and ask don’t you think collectively we could have more? I mean as African Americans we have tremendous buying power. Just ask Nike, the beauty hair care industry and the fashion industry. Why can’t we join forces and ensure our economic legacy transcends and get’s passed down to our children’s children?

People wake up. In this era of make America Great Again – AKA make America White again we are going to get left in the dust. We have to start trusting each other and building our own wealth. We are the ones to ensure our children and their children learn how to survive and thrive. In this Trump era stay woke! Don’t get caught sleeping!

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