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Tax Reform?

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Tax Reform?

Determined to avenge themselves after the humiliating defeat of Roy Moore for the Alabama senate seat, Republicans were even more determined to push through the tax reform bill. This tax reformed bill is touted by Trump as a huge tax relief for the middle class. However, most economist state that the very rich and corporations are the biggest winners. In fact, this tax reform bill is wildly unpopular. Recent polls show that approximately 48% of the population disapprove or this bill.

Most economist state by 2027, there will be a tax hike of approximately 31% for the middle class. The tax breaks will remain constant for corporations. According to the Trump administration, the corporate tax break will trickle down providing better salaries and more jobs for the middle class. Now, most economist refer back to the Regan era that provides the best indicator that this in fact will not happen. But hey maybe the Trump administration knows something that the best economist don’t! You be the judge. Do you think that giving corporations huge tax breaks would trickle down to the masses?

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