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The Forgotten A Love Story ~ The Long Journey Home

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The Forgotten~ A Love Story, my best-selling novel, is coming back with the sequel. Yes, I finally got around to starting the sequel, and it is soooo juicy! So, all my fans out there, who was on the other end of the phone when Jillian got the call? Well, it was… I can’t tell you now, but you can read the excerpt below and send me an email at; tell me your best guess as to who it was. Sign up for all of the alerts, and I’ll send you a free book! If you haven’t read the Forgotten A Love Story, let me know in the email, and I will mail that one to you.

Jillian to leave. Finally, discovering where Jillian lived was a mini-coup. After watching Jillian’s sleek black XT5 pull out of the driveway the unnoticed figure slipped around the back of the house, pulling out the tools of the trade, opening the door and walking in. The figure stopped to listen, making sure no one was home. Nothing. No sounds in the house.

The figure walked around, touching everything, stopping to linger in front of Jillian’s mantle in her office. The office looked more like an unorganized library. The figure picked up a picture of Jillian, her man, and the child. “Cute,” the figure mused. Next, a picture of five women. The figure scrutinized each face lingering on Shay, then looking at Jillian and back to Shay again. “Something very familiar about those two.”

The figure continued on. “So, this is where the famous author writes.” The figured opened the laptop and strummed the keyboard. “Too bad, I don’t know the password. I would leave little miss perfect a message. Bingo. Sticky notes.” The figured plucked a pink sticky note with little hearts off the top of the pack and wrote, “XOXO,” With a smack, the figure placed the note in the middle of the screen and left as quickly and stealthily as humanly possible.

Until next time, enjoy the journey!

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