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The Moral Decay of America

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The Moral Decay of America

Trump endorses Roy Moore and the Republican National Committee sends funds to assist him into winning the senate seat. Roy Moore, a formal Alabama state judge is accused by 8 women of alleged sexual assault. One woman was 14 years old at that time of the alleged abuse. The acts of Trump and the RNC depicts the eroding of the moral fiber that once ran deep in American society. Our moral compass is dwindling.

We are becoming a society of people who don’t give a damn about anyone else but self. We’re becoming a society where the rich make all decisions for the country not taking into account that the common people are that very ones that keeps this country running. We are becoming a society where money and power are king. Those with no wealth or power are subject to becoming disenfranchised.

It’s a shame that good decent people don’t matter anymore. It’s a shame that good hardworking people are denied basic human rights such as healthcare, decent wages and access to quality education. It’s a damn shame that the rich are using their power to still money from the poor in the disguise of “Tax Reform”. It’s a damn shame that the same rich people conspired with the Russians to put a racist, misogynist, sadistic person in the White House.

This is not the American we know and love. We have to keep speaking out against this mockery. We have to step up our engagement in the political process and vote the right people in office who actually give a damn about the people. We have to be vigilant in protecting the morals, values and rights of all American citizens.

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