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The Pledge


Representing All Genuine Expressions

Because Every Voice Matters!

Do you see these pledges from major companies standing in solidarity with the Black community and Black Lives Matter movement? I’m having a hard time with this. Are you?

On the one hand, I’m excited and honored that these companies recognize the inequalities that people of color have endured. However, on the other hand, I’m enraged because why now? Shouldn’t they have had our backs throughout the centuries? Shouldn’t they have been working daily to practice equality within their corporations?

In my perspective, corporate America is the worst culprit of perpetuating racism and strife among races. Ask any black person you know, and I bet they have a horrific story to tell about being black in Corporate America. I am not impressed by these pledges. Anyone can slap a statement on their website and say they stand for diversity aligning with Black Lives Matter. I say to hell with that. To me, they are afraid of Black buying power. They are fearful of our ability to unite and come against their particular businesses, causing them economic hardship, especially since they are taking a hit during Covid-19.

What I want to see is action. I want these companies that were quick to make a statement to hire black people. No, not at the bottom rung but corporate executives. I want us to sit at the table with an actual voice and a real vote on how that company will move forward. Don’t just give lip service – smoke and mirrors. WE are tired of these companies placating us, and then when everything dies down, black people are mistreated and disrespected.

NO, a statement is not enough. Action is what counts. What’s the saying – Action speaks louder than words. Look at these company’s efforts, if they are not living up to their statements of solidarity, then we need to boycott and not patronize them. We can rise up and create our own wealth if we all pull together!

Go out and support a black business today!

Until next time – Enjoy the journey!

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