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Because every rant, rave or whine goes down better with a great glass of wine!!

This past week we lost two American legends. Two great people went home to heaven. One was an entertainer and the other a politician. Both had one goal, unify America.

Aretha Franklin warmed her way into America’s heart with hits like Respect and Pink Cadillac. Her cameos on shows like the Blues Brothers made us laugh. She was the epitome of an African American matriarch. She will definitely be missed.

John McCain was an American war hero. As a POW he put his fellow POW’s first. His heroism during the Vietnam war was highly commendable. As a politician, he worked hard to create a better America. He worked tirelessly to unify congress. His creed was our differences shouldn’t divide our great country – we are one America. He put America first, period.

Both icons strived to bring all cultures together. One did it with music the other with policy. They were both respected by all, for their contributions.

McCain’s last words to America touched me deeply. I too, long for one America. I long to live in a country where black and brown people don’t have to fear for their lives at the very hands of those who swore to protect them. Where they have true opportunities for advancement, where no one is judged based on their outside appearances.

Call me optimistic, but, I do believe people are fundamentally good and long for peace. I believe people are more similar then different. However, those differences that we do possess, add spice to our lives. So, as I say my final good byes, I hope all of you contemplate how we can make America great again. No matter how big or how small your contribution is to the solution, bring it! We need all of us to create a better future, create one America for generations to come!

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