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True Friendship

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True Friendship

One of the biggest block buster movies this summer season was Girl’s Trip, staring Queen Latifah, Jada Pinkett Smith, Regina Hall and Tiffany Haddish. The movie grossed over $100.1 million domestically and $109.9 million worldwide. I’m sure like most of you, after watching the movie, you were feeling nostalgic about your besties. I know I sure did.

I have to say that I have a good core group of friends that I can always count on for laughs, pats on the backs, uplifting moments and a swift kick in the butt when needed. I’m blessed because I have 5 true ride or die friends. That’s a lot in African American woman’s circles. Y’all know how we do. We treat each other poorly over a man, over money, over miss communication, or any other silly little thing.

I cherish my true friendships especially since I have been on a quest the last 2 ½ years to really trim everything out of my life that wasn’t conducive to my purpose. In order to stay true to my purpose and stay focused, I had to cut people out of my life who rained on my parade and had a general negative attitude. Leaving some of these people behind was painful but necessary.

These five women in my life, however, have poured into me and supported me. But you know what really endears them to me are those moments when they check in just to see how I’m doing. Those are your true friends. They are the ones that don’t want anything from you. They just want to see you happy. Yes, I’m lucky to have so many good girlfriends.

When pursuing your purpose, you are going to have those that will not support you. They are either be jealous of you or for whatever reason want to see you fail. Never let anyone dump on you or your dreams and tell you that you can’t do something. If you have friends that are constantly telling you your ideas won’t work or what you’re thinking is stupid, you need to run fast in the other way. Your true friends will buy into your dreams and help you come up with ways to fulfill them.

So today, tell your besties “Thanks Girl” for being there and inspiring me to become great! To my besties, I raise a glass of wine to you and solute you! You women rock!!

Until next time…Enjoy the journey!

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