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Trump, The Last American President

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Trump, The Last American President

You know Trump is about to be the last American President. He is turning American into a dictatorship. Well, that’s the word on the street and the word on every conspiracy theorists lips. Come on, don’t raise your eyebrows at me. Y’all saw it. With 45 saying he wants people to bow down to him, wanting a military parade in his honor, and his cozying up to Putin and Kim Jong Un. Just ask American Filmmaker and left-wing activist Michael Moore – you know the one who wrote and directed Bowling for Columbine and Fahrenheit 9/11. He contends in his new film Fahrenheit 11/9 – Sequel to Fahrenheit 9/11 that Trump is itching to become the first US dictator.

I originally had something else scheduled to bring to you today, but I felt it vitally important to interrupt the regularly scheduled blog and implore you to go out and vote in the mid-term elections. I know, you don’t believe it’s all that dire as most people don’t, in our hoods, but it is. Did you know that it is your local officials that generate the policies affecting your daily lives – not the federal government!

But that’s just a side note. I want to break down why it’s so important to vote in the 2018 midterm elections in 49 days (November 6):

1. If the Democrats take the majority in either House of Representatives or the Senate, then the Republican’s agenda would be dead and buried. They would lose the ability to send new bills to Trump's desk with their party’s votes alone.

2. More investigations into Trumps administration would ensue. If Democrats win either the House or Senate, that would give them subpoena power which can lead to more aggressive investigations into the Trump administration.

3. It would put a damper on Trumps picks for judges and other nominees.

4. State elections could lead to new Democratic majorities i.e. a more liberal legislation. As it stands now Republicans control 33 out of 50 governorships and 66 out of 99 state legislative chambers as a result of the 2010 and 2014 mid-term elections.

5. A large portion of 2021 redistricting will be determined by this year’s elections. The US Census will be conducted in 2020 which can lead to new districts for future House and state legislative races.

There are 36 governor races this mid-term. One that’s getting national coverage is Atlanta’s very own Stacey Abrams – Democrat versus Brian Kemp – Trump supporting Republican. Abrams vision for Georgia is one of inclusion, one of freedom and opportunities for everyone to thrive. Kemp’s vision, well you’ve seen the commercials. The ones with him holding his rifle and stating he would get in his pickup truck and round up all the “illegals” himself.

Y’all, if you want 4 more years of Trump, don’t get out and vote on November 6, 2018. But if you truly care about this country, equal rights for minorities and women and a fair equitable workforce, if I were you, I would be the first one in the voting line! If you’re in Georgia you can locate your polling place:

If you’re outside the state of Georgia you can locate your polling place:

Voter registration Georgia:

Voter registration outside of Georgia:

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Until next time, enjoy the journey!

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