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United We Stand

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Unity is Power

You’re sitting at the feet of your idol, mentor, leader. You’re hanging on his/her every word. You look up at them and then they say “You’re not good enough for America. You come from “Shithole” countries like Haiti and Africa”. How does that make you feel?

So, by now you’ve heard the story of Trump calling countries like Haiti and Africa shitholes and how he would rather have immigrants from places like Norway come to the US. Some say he didn’t mean anything racist by this he was just using strong language to get a point across regarding immigration. But you can’t deny the implication, especially in light of some of his previous comments regarding race matters.

People of color are not surprised. What comes out of Trump’s mouth is his true feelings. He’s not an advocate of people of color, he didn’t even want people of color living in any Trump properties.

This behavior is nothing new. What we, people of color, do about it is new. Collectively we have the power to change the face America and dictate how things are done in this country. However, it starts in our own individual communities and local elections right down to who sits on the schoolboards.

I read a story in regarding a political milestone in the city. For the first time three African American men head three key local government bodies. Chris Rodgers is the Douglas County Chairman. Ben Gray is Omaha’s City Council President and Marque Snow is the new Omaha Public School Board President.

Local elections make a huge impact and influence state elections. State elections in turn influence regional and national elections. If you want your voice heard and want your say in Washington, you must get involved in local elections.

United we stand. That is what America was built on. We have to eradicate this division that’s brewing in Washington. We must show up united and accounted for.

“Division is the great destroyer of our relationships, the breeder of all social ills, and the cause for our indifference and aloofness towards others”

Brendon Burchard ~ The Motivation Manifesto

Together we can fight hatred and racism. Let’s not let a bigoted bully pull us from our roots of diversity. Dr. King and the rest of the leaders of the Civil Rights movement fought too hard to move this country in the right direction – justice and liberty for all.

Until next time…Enjoy the journey!

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