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On October 1st one of the most horrific shootings took place in American history. On this day while innocent concert goers were enjoying an outdoor concert, a vicious gunman was plotting to kill as many people he could. At 10:05 PM Stephen Paddock, a wealthy white middle-aged man, shot at concert goers for approximately 11 minutes from a hotel window at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino. He killed 58 people and wounded over 500.

Paddock had 23 weapons inside his hotel suite, thousands of rounds of ammunition and some explosives. He also set up cameras to warn himself if the police or someone came to his door he would have prior warning. This was no random act. He planned this horrific attack.

I have to admit, when I first heard about it I had to turn the news off. I just couldn’t take another news story about a deranged gunman killing innocent people. I mean after the Pulse Night Club, the Charleston Church Shooting and Sandy Hook Elementary shooting I just couldn’t take it. This would have meant another major shooting in little over a year. But when I finally forced myself to watch the news reporting of this event, all I could do was cry. There were so many people, young, old, different races and nationalities that lost their lives senselessly.

The reporting that really got to me were the ones of Stephen Paddock’s friends and family stating that he was such a good guy. Stating that he wasn’t affiliated with any political or hate group. What I say to that is yes he was affiliated with the “white privileged male class that gives white men the right to do whatever the hell they want!

You see he amassed all of those weapons. Nobody said one word. I believe that he wasn’t on anyone’s radar because he was white, he was rich and he was male. Now y’all know if a brother that had an address of 500 Any Ghetto Lane, who amassed weapons like Paddock did, the ATF, the FBI and the CIA would have been at his door asking what the hell he was doing with all those weapons.

This white privilege is tearing our country apart. We have white males that take their right to bear arms to mean it’s ok to shoot and kill innocent people. We have a president who spouts openly that the KKK consists of good people. When the hell are we going to confront this white male privilege?

Until next time…Enjoy the journey!

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