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Wakanda Forever!

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Wakanda Forever!

Black Panther, need I say more?!! The movie was superbly done from the writing to the directing to the acting to the sound and the visual imagery. Yes, the hype finally fit the bill! If you haven’t seen this movie you must go see it! As I was watching it, in 3D mind you, I couldn’t help imagining what our lives would have been like if we were never enslaved. What would have happened if we were allowed to let our natural intelligence and creativity blossom?

Africans and African Americans are strong, fierce, intelligent, resilient

and creative people. We have heart and tenacity like no other. We have a lot to contribute and have contributed so much to our collective countries. It’s time to put this silly notion that your skin color determines who you are, your morality, your knowledge, your everything.

I loved this movie because it reminds us of what a society we could be if we lived in harmony. What would our world look like if we shared resources so everyone could thrive? Yes, this is what a true society should like – advancement for all! Wakanda forever!!!

Until next time, enjoy the journey!

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