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What A Wonderful World?

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What a Wonderful World?

As I was out and about running errands and shopping this weekend I came across some of the rudest cashiers and sales people. Everywhere I went I was met with attitude. It was like everyone hated their job or had a beef with the world. I thought this was a little strange especially as we get closer to the holiday season. Or could it just be that I’m the last person on earth who still believes in the magic of Christmas. Meaning that the spirit of it all brings out the best in people. I like to think that at least once a year we could all be kinder to each other. I’d like to think that at least once a year we could all treat each other with decency and respect.

I don’t know how we ended up here as a society where it’s ok to hurt people so frivolously. Where a mass shooting is just an everyday occurrence. How did our society erode so bad to where it’s ok for sexual harassment become common place? How did we become a society where the rich prey on the poor? How did we become a society where the color of your skin makes you inferior? How did we become a society where the young so blatantly disrespects their elders?

I don’t know about you, but I long for a society who loves and respects its people. I long for a society who values everyone’s contributions. I want to live in a place where values and morals matter. I know this is just a pipe dream but it’s nice to dream. As we move into this holiday season, let’s be mindful of each other. Let’s forgive readily. Let’s smile at our fellow man as he passes by. Let’s remind those around us what type of society we could live in if we only extended kindness and love to each other.

Until next time…Enjoy the journey!

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